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Unified Support LLC shall empower your family member to fulfill his or her fullest potentials despite disability. [ABOUT US]


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Welcome to Unified Support LLC

We are All Capable of Fulfilling our Fullest Potentials.

Unified Support LLC was formed to provide support services for the developmentally disabled population in the community.

We are here to serve families all over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through behavioral health programs, teen services and behavioral support programs. We also create volunteer opportunities so that others who share our advocacy can have an avenue to apply their compassion.

In our effort to help our consumers live productive lifestyles, we have placed the following programs:

  • Independent Skill Building
  • Personal Development
  • Behavioral Support
  • Counseling and Life Coaching
  • Socialization Opportunities

Many individuals with intellectual limitations or developmental disabilities need assistance with day to day tasks. We are here to help! Even with their handicaps, we believe that they should still pursue normal activities, find gainful employment and maintain familial relationships at home.

If you would like to support our programs, please get in touch with Unified Support LLC215-900-1006.

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